Miriam de L´Isle

Born on Aruba July 27 At the Age of 12 Miriam went to live in Surinam with her parents, brothers and sister. At the age of 16 she enjoyed going to the Art School in Paramaribo (Surinaamse Academie voor Beeldende Kunst) and was excited to continue to educate her self in the ARTS.

How ever life took her on the path to marriage and children in Venezuela where she lived for 21 years. Miriam never let her passion for the ARTS slip away and she did lots of courses in ceramics, painting and creativity. In 1993 she returned to her birthplace, Aruba. With her two youngest children she left for Holland where she worked and studied. In Leiden she went to the Ars Aemula Natura, 2 years of Creatieve handvaardeigheid and in Den Haag she was accepted by the admissions committee to he K.A.B.K .(Koningklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunst). While in Holland and for 4 years she immersed herself to study ART as much as she could. Trips with the academy to Paris and Gent for Art observation. In Europe she visited nearly all the museums and many trips to the Art galleries opened her mind and love for the Arts. Miriam returned to Aruba in 2002 and has been teaching Art to children, teens and Adults since that year. She keeps very busy organizing Art exhibits for her students and for her own art works.